• I dont understand what modetatio n is. But is it too much to just want to say sorry. I want the best for yall. I really was out of my head. I prourd of Nira graduation and jprdans accomplishments. Bri bri too. Kev mom took him from sch. Im not gona say more. But i would never ever sruct you. I am not that kind of man. So i hope things work out for you all. I miss you all. Yall werr my family. I worry night and day about yall. Not a second goes by that i dont think of yall. People can laugh all they want too. I found a picture of your mom Rosie. It was in a prayer book. I miss jen and Rally too. I dont know if this is another way to humiliate me but i dont care. I miss Nene so Much Nira. I tried to do my best. I had no family concepts. I waz in prison most of my life. KEV really misses Ant Nancy and uncle will. Let me go. If you want moms picture ill give it back. I have pictures of teetee carmans mom and of robs wedding dance. I have markies baby son too. I have many more too. I would like to keep them but will return at will. I sometime wake up and dont sleep much. I stop taking te phy meds cuz ali co firm that i tlk and wlk in my sleep. Life is like a blur for me. Miss jen. Always felt she was our other duagnter. I tool things a little literal. Im sorry. Oh Rosie we call your friend accidently. I tougnt holding my finger on the name would bring up the deltete icon. I would say sorry but he got too slick out the mounth. I am a lot of thing but i was never a coward. Do t no how to send this but will try. I also have note in drop box for Rosie. Its nothing offenses and i hope your new love understands that i

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