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Give It A Shot

I’m 44. This is not a dress rehearsal in my life or career, this is the real thing. Some times we look at life like it’s a dress rehearsal. “OK, I’m gonna be able to fuck around and do this and that and then I’ll have a chance,” and it’s like, this never comes back. NEVER. I feel bad for guys who come up to me and go, “I’m 40, and I never did stand-up, or I never tried radio, and I always wanted to,” because maybe circumstances didn’t allow it, but a lot of time people look at things like it’s a rehearsal. IT’S NOT. It’s hard to motivate until you think of it this way. “If I don’t DO, or at least TRY what I wanna fucking try, and MOVE, I’m just gonna fucking get stuck here.” In any thing you’re doing in life, if you wanna go out and try something, just SHUT UP, and go out and fucking try it, and if you fail, you’re never gonna look back and go, “I should have given that a shot.” – Jim Norton

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