Borat is a film that was produced in 2006. The genre of the story is comedy, which the film’s ultimate goal is making its viewers to be happy, that revolves around the life of a fictional man who went to America all the way from Kazakhstan and found the country very different to what he had been expecting.

The original full title of the film is “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan” before it was popularly known as Borat. Moreover, the style that is being used in the film is more on “mockumentary” (think “Spinal Tap”), and most of the Americans that were interviewed by Borat all throughout the movie thought that he was a real Kazakh journalist and not an actor.

On the other side of the filmmaking, there are actually few people who are not pleased with the characters that were portrayed about them in the film and there are even those who claimed that they’re being duped in order to participate.

Nevertheless, the film was still recognized as highly crude humor and the movie really hit the viewers that it became a box office success. Although Borat, the main lead of the film, was banned from entering many Arab countries because of how he portrayed  the character in the film, still Cohen won a Golden Globe award for his amazing performance.

To look back some of the hilarious scenes and the performances of Borat in this film, here are the fifty lists of quotes from the film itself.

  1. Borat Sagdiyev: “You will be my boyfriend.”
  1. Borat Sagdiyev: “May George Bush drink the blood of every man woman and child in Iraq!”
  1. Borat Sagdiyev: “Do your vagjin hang like sleeve of wizard?”
  1. Borat Sagdiyev: My name-a Borat!
  1. Borat Sagdiyev: “I want to buy a car with pussy magnet.”
  1. Borat Sagdiyev: This is Nathalia[makes out] She’s my sister.
  1. Borat Sagdiyev: Hi my name-a Borat I like you. I like sex, It nice.
  1. Borat Sagdiyev: Pamela, I am not attracted to you anymore…NOT!
  1. Borat Sagdiyev: This-a Urkin, the town rapist. Naughty, naughty.
  1. Borat Sagdiyev: I like you. I like sex, VERY much!
  1. “That suit is NOT black!” – (Famous Borat Quotes)
  1. Borat Sagdiyev: When you chase a dream, especially one with plastic chests, you sometimes do not see what is right in front of you.
  1. Borat Sagdiyev: You telling me the man who try to put a rubber fist in my anus was a homosexual?
  1. Borat Sagdiyev: I could not concentrate on what this old man was saying. All I can think of of that beautiful woman in her red water panties. Who is this CJ woman?
  1. Borat Sagdiyev: If I give you good price, will you please put in pussy magnet?
  1. Borat Sagdiyev: Although Kazakhstan a glorious country, it have a problem, too: economic, social, and Jew.
  1. Mike Jared: “I’m, er… recently retired…”

Borat: “You are a retard?”

  1. Azamat: “What’s in California?”

Borat: “Pearl Harbor is there. So is Texas.”

  1. Borat: “Your dog is a loser… you are upset?”

Dog Show Contestant: “No, no. I don’t get upset. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.”

Borat: “You will put him in a sack in the river?”

  1. “You let women in cinemas here? In my country, we have a pen outside for the animals and womens.”- Borat
  1. “I bring iPod back from America and I get my neighbor iPod mini… because it is for girls!” – Borat
  1. “In my country, we say to let a woman drive a car is like to let a monkey fly a plane, very dangerous yes.” – Borat
  1. “Kazakhstan is the greatest country in the world; all other countries are run by little girls.” – Borat
  1. “Democracy is different in America. For example, women can vote but horse can not!” – Borat
  1. “Is it not a problem that the woman have a smaller brain than a man? The government scientist Dr. Yamuka has proved it is size of squirrel.” – Borat
  1. “I can hit a gypsy with a rock from 15 meters away if chained… ten if not.” – Borat
  1. “I say this because I had a very bad gypsy attack… they stole my wife, plow… and they touch my horse in a very bad way… he got very depressed.” – Borat
  1. “Kazakhstan is number one exporter of potassium; other Central Asian countries have inferior potassium.” – Borat
  1. “I arrived in America’s airport with clothings, U.S dollars, and a jar of gypsy tears to protect me from AIDS.” – Borat
  1. “Give me your tears, Gypsy, or I will take them from you.” –  Borat Sagdiyev
  1. “Make my day, Jew!” – Borat Sagdiyev
  1. “Where I put this?” – Borat Sagdiyev
  1. “Is it not a problem that the woman have a smaller brain? The government scientist has proved it is size of squirrel.” – Borat Sagdiyev
  1. “What’s up with it, Vanilla Face? Me and my homie Azamat just parked our slab outside, we looking for a place to post up our black asses for the night, so uh, Bang Bang Skeet Skeet, nigga. We just a couple pimps, no ho’s.” – Borat Sagdiyev
  1. “Do not fear me gypsy, all i want is you tears.”- Borat Sagdiyev
  1. “Very nice, how much?” – Borat Sagdiyev
  1. “This is my mother, she oldest woman in whole of Kucek, she is 43!” – Borat Sagdiyev
  1. “Do not shrink me gipsy!… I serious.” – Borat Sagdiyev
  1. “In my country they would go crazy for these two Not so much.” –  Borat Sagdiyev
  1. “When I buy my wife, at the start she was good, her vajin work well and she strong on plow. But after three years when she was 15, she become weak, her voice get deep like ‘BORAT, BORAT’, she receive hair on her chest, and her vajin hang like the sleeve of wizard.” – Borat Sagdiyev
  1. “Democracy is different in America. For example, women can vote but horse can not!”- Borat
  1. “You let women in cinemas here? In my country, we have a pen outside for the animals and womens.”- Borat
  1. “The only thing keeping me going was my dream of one day holding Pamela in my arms and making romance explosion on her stomach.” – Borat
  1. “When you chase a dream, especially one with plastic chests, you sometimes do not see what is right in front of you.” – Borat
  1. “George Bush should drink the blood of every man, woman, and child in Iraq.”- Borat
  1. “Please come see my movie. If I don’t succeed, I will execute.”- Borat
  1. “Listen pussycat, smile a bit.” – Borat
  1. “He is a real Chocolate face, No make up.”- Borat
  1. “Who is this lady you have shrunk? Was she the owner of this house that you camp in front of? Do not try and shrink me gypsy, I serious.” – Borat
  1. “She is my sister. She is number-four prostitute in whole of Kazakhstan.”  – Borat

Borat was well-known as the sixth most superstar in his native country -Kazakhstan and it seems much likely so normal and natural that he has a lot of  fans supporting him, and of course, it can’t be avoided to have haters as well and everything in between. 

Perhaps, it causes you to wonder what older women appear as if in Kazakhstan when Borat confuses Barbara Bush about it. The design on the opposite gentleman’s face when he tries to elucidate that fact shows how gullible he was and makes it all more entertaining in total.

The  line “Please come see my movie. If I don’t succeed, I will execute,” actually wasn’t within the film in the least, but is that included in the last line of the trailer. Meaning that it had been the ultimate hook to urge people to point it out and more likely to convince them to watch at movie theaters. It was reported that Borat was such a financial success because of his film,making about $261 million within the box office, it seems like people didn’t want him to “be executed.”

What makes the film successful is because of the performances of Cohen, that still remains as remarkable for his imperturbable attitude.  He seems game for love or money, refusing to backtrack, even when confronted with some truly awful people. 

If you haven’t watched his film yet and gotten intrigued about it, you can first skim all the fifty quotes listed above from the movie of Borat.

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