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Greatest Showman Quotes

Have you seen the movie, or not yet? I am not going to spoil you, but The Greatest Showman is a musical movie that just came out in December of 2017. Even if you don’t like watching musical films, I still recommend you watch it. It is a great performing art with a story about doing what you love instead of abiding to the status quo. The tale will tell you how important trust and family are, and equality for those people who are not “normal.”

The main cast is Hugh Jackman as the character of Pt Barnum. Pt Barnum brings people who are usually laughed at and ridiculed into the spotlight. He encourages them and gives hope to face the world and to show those who have made them feel like fools. Pt Barnum believes that they can perform in the circus. He helps them to become proud of themselves by showing the audience that they can entertain people. The encouragement turns into a success, and as they embrace the remarkable qualities in life that you should be proud of.

You can find life lessons by watching the movie “The Greatest Showman.” The film itself was astonishing, and the filmmakers did a marvelous job. It took the world by surprise with its magical, fantastic musical theme and is an incredible must-watch movie. If you are looking for new forms of entertainment, you can watch The Greatest Showman.

Aside from the life lessons that you can get from the film, there are also quotes and lyrics where you can connect your situation in life. It is worth checking out more of these quotes to understand what they mean. By reading these quotes, you will find out that there is more to the film at another glance. So here are the quotes from the movie The Greatest Showman.

Watch my girls grow up. The show must go on.

At this moment, P.T. Barnum has finally understood what brought him to happiness. He completed his character development with his circus in full force. And, it comes to his realization that in life, he needed the company of his wife and daughters.

It happens to many people that they forget that they make a living for their families. Barnum wholeheartedly accepted the truth and handed the reins to Phillip before leaving to be with his family.

It is hard to understand wealth and privilege when you’re born to it.

Jenny played the role of an antagonist in the movie, and people misunderstood her all along. After all, even if she was wealthy and a talented person, she could never feel the way of being happy. Deep inside, she was lonely the whole time.

This quote proves that being born wealthy doesn’t always make you happy. Inheriting wealth can be a disadvantage, as it doesn’t provide you the context of what it means to struggle in life. If you try to understand it deeply, earning wealth and success by all means of struggle is far more valuable than inheriting it.

Trust me, they don’t know it yet, but they’re going to love you.

Barnum has the power to motivate his companions to go along with his plans using his rhetorical skills. Barnum has taken over all the fears that his people have by mainly providing them with the right push. He shows them that he is the man of words.

You usually turn back and let yourself not to try if you don’t know how things will turn out. This motivational quote opens your eyes and pushes you to believe that people will love you.

Do these smiles seem fake? It doesn’t matter where they come from. The joy is real.

Barnum received criticism from people who see him using the unorthodox to gain his fame. But, he clearly showed the people that it doesn’t matter where his smiles come from. From his heart, he feels that the joy is real.

Sometimes we are embarrassed by how society reacts to what is going on with our lives. After all, what others think shouldn’t matter because you decide what is real that brings joy to your life.

You don’t need everyone to love you, just a few good people.

If you have already watched this movie, I am sure that you will love the character of Charity Barnum. If you look at it objectively, she should be the best character in the whole movie. She was the perfect description of a loving wife who didn’t pull back in supporting her family for a moment. She was there the entire time supporting his husband, PT Barnum. Charity Barnum was always someone who would understand the valuable things in life.

Here, she gave out such an honest truth about life. You see, it is not necessary to have acceptance from millions of people. Having the love and support of those people who love you is the most important.

So why don’t we rewrite the stars?

This song is one of the best songs in the movie where two people fall in love with each other, and the whole world is against them. The love story between these two characters displays their unbreakable bond to make impossible things possible.

This is why rewriting the stars has such a big impact on the love story of the two characters. These two want us to know that despite the universe telling them to back off because they don’t have the chance, they still struggle because they love each other. By the end, love wins, and they did become a couple by the end.


The movie entitled The Greatest Showman shows us so many life lessons and thought-provoking moments. The entire film did something to our hearts, where we could celebrate the blessing of life. The movie is one hundred six minutes of entertainment, life lessons, and an amazing turn of events that keep us remembering that the show must go on. Whatever stage of life you are in, chase your dreams because the world will love you.

The Greatest Shown Man showed us the life of PT Barnum. This film has a clear message to all people that just like Barnum, we can provide for the needs of our family and at the same time find a greater purpose in life. Barnum becomes a hero to his companions, friends, families, and us. He experiences the highs and lows in life, but he dreams big and dedicated his struggle for the happiness of his family. Imagine how Barnum prioritized his family as he ventures into the unknown, where things are not easy as they may seem. Barnum teaches us that we can live in a world we design.

The biggest life lesson that we can get in the film is where you realize that in life, anything is possible. Once you dream big, then you step up and conquer the world. To see your purpose in life is to appreciate the things that you have right now. The joy in life is within your family. Barnum showed us how the family should be on top of our priorities. Charity Barnum gives us the lesson that loving and supporting our family is a significant factor in success in life. The success in life without your family is nothing. Bad and good things in life but with your family is joy. The greatest art in life is making others happy.

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