Hollywood is the most popular hub of English Cinema, where it’s always been admired and recognized as very spectacular when it comes to producing a number of movies from various genres.  It is specifically located at Los Angeles City, which being noted that there are a lot of areas nearby that are perfect for filmmaking.

Moreover, it is being said that the cinema isn’t completely described without mentioning the word “Hollywood” since it has a huge influence on how to persuade the viewers to watch and watch the movies again.

 Plus, it has been astonishingly honored for having such successful personalities, glamorous and ambitious individuals that added to its more and more success.

The word Hollywood itself always reminds and has always been linked to the prominent personalities across the globe. These include the most popular icons namely Leonardo DiCaprio, Angelina Jolie, Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, and Jessica Alba. The perfect combination of the super duper great looks and the impeccable acting skills of these well-known great personalities have always stolen the heart of the viewers not just in America but millions of fans in the whole world.

As mentioned, since the day it started until the present time, Hollywood has always been captivating the hearts of the viewers to always look forward to watching a new set of movies. But then, for viewers to fully understand how the world of Hollywood has been working and circulating for  a long time already and to know the insights of the artist as well, here are the fifty quotes for you to read. 

  1. “Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul. I know, because I turned down the first offer often enough and held out for the fifty cents.”- Marilyn Monroe
  1. “The secret to kicking ass in dumbshit Hollywood… Every time you meet someone, make a fucking impression. Make them think you’re the hottest shit in the world. Make them think they’re gonna lose their job if they don’t give you one. Look ’em in the eye, and never look away. Be confident and calm, be fucking bold. That sounds more like the secret to kicking ass in life.It is, but I was gonna wait and tell you that some other time.” – James Frey, My Friend Leonard
  1. “In Hollywood if you don’t have a shrink, people think you’re crazy.” – .Johnny Carson
  1. “Out of the closets and into the museums, libraries, architectural monuments, concert halls, bookstores, recording studios and film studios of the world. Everything belongs to the inspired and dedicated thief…. Words, colors, light, sounds, stone, wood, bronze belong to the living artist. They belong to anyone who can use them. Loot the Louvre! A bas l’originalité, the sterile and assertive ego that imprisons us as it creates. Vive le vol-pure, shameless, total. We are not responsible. Steal anything in sight.” – William Burroughs
  1. “Any actress who appears in public without being well-groomed is digging her own grave.” – Joan Crawford
  1. “Every actor in his heart believes everything bad that’s printed about him.” – Orson Welles
  1. “It’s [Los Angeles] mostly full of nonsense and delusion and egomania. They think they’ll be young and beautiful forever, even though most of them aren’t even young and beautiful now.” – Christopher Hitchens
  1. “I blame Hollywood for skewing perspectives. Life is just a big romantic comedy to them, and if you meet cute, happily ever-after is a forgone conclusion.” – Jonathan Tropper, This is Where I Leave You
  1. “Life in the movie business is like the beginning of a new love affair: it’s full of surprises, and you’re constantly getting fucked.” – David Mamet, Speed-The-Plow
  1. “Remember the great film with Bette Davis, All About Eve? There’s a scene after the scheming Eve steals Margo’s role through trickery & then gets this magnificent review. Margo of course is effing & blinding all over the place. And crying. Her director rushes into her house, puts his arms around her & says, “I ran all the way”. That’s what I want.” – Martha Grimes, Dust (Richard Jury, #21)
  1. “What does she do?”

“She’s a producer.” Of course, in Los Angeles this doesn’t mean much more than “she’s a member of the human race.” – Julian Fellowes, Past Imperfect

  1. “Hollywood is bigger down right now by sequels, by the uninspired. Well, my M.O. is a two-hour feast for your senses. That means starting the concept of filmmaking from scratch, making it your own.” – Lee Matthew Goldberg, Slow Down
  1. “I don’t think the money people in Hollywood have ever thought I was normal, but I am dedicated to my work and that’s what counts. ” – Angelina Jolie
  1. “Hollywood always wanted me to be pretty, but I fought for realism.” – Bette Davis
  1. “There’s a statue of Jimmy Stewart in the Hollywood Wax Museum, and the statue talks better than he does. ” – Dean Martin
  1. “Hollywood is the only industry, even taking in soup companies, which does not have laboratories for the purpose of experimentation.” – Oscar Wilde
  1. ” Hollywood is like life, you face it with the sum total of your equipment.” – Joan Crawford
  1. “Everyone is treating it like a Hollywood story. In Madison, it’s a neighborhood story.” – Chris Farley
  1. “Every country gets the circus it deserves. Spain gets bullfights. Italy gets the Catholic Church. America gets Hollywood.”- Erica Jong
  1. ” My driving abilities from Mexico have helped me get through Hollywood.”- Salma Hayek
  1. “The average Hollywood film star’s ambition is to be admired by an American, courted by an Italian, married to an Englishman and have a French boyfriend.” – Katharine Hepburn
  1. “I think Hollywood has a class system. The actors are like the inmates, but the truth is they’re running the asylum. ” – Robert De Niro
  1. “If it’s a good script I’ll do it. And if it’s a bad script, and they pay me enough, I’ll do it.” – George Burns
  1. “They don’t want you until you have made a name, and by the time you have made a name, you have developed some kind of talent they can’t use. All they will do is spoil it, if you let them.” – Raymond Chandler
  1. “An associate producer is the only guy in Hollywood who will associate with a producer.” – Fred Allen
  1. ” There is in Hollywood, as in all cultures in which gambling is the central activity, a lowered sexual energy, an inability to devote more than token attention to the preoccupations of the society outside. The action is everything, more consuming than sex, more immediate than politics; more important always than the acquisition of money, which is never, for the gambler, the true point of the exercise.” – Joan Didion
  1. “I can’t talk about Hollywood. It was a horror to me when I was there and it’s a horror to look back on. I can’t imagine how I did it. When I got away from it I couldn’t even refer to the place by name. Out there, I called it.” – Dorothy Parker
  1. “If my books had been any worse, I should not have been invited to Hollywood, and if they had been any better, I should not have come.” – Raymond Chandler
  1. ” Fame is no sanctuary from the passing of youth… suicide is much easier and more acceptable in Hollywood than growing old gracefully.” – Julie Burchill
  1. “The sumptuous age of stars and images is reduced to a few artificial tornado effects, pathetic fake buildings, and childish tricks which the crowd pretends to be taken in by to avoid feeling too disappointed. Ghost towns, ghost people. The whole place has the same air of obsolescence about it as Sunset or Hollywood Boulevard.” – Jean Baudrillard
  2. “Hollywood money isn’t money. It’s congealed snow, melts in your hand, and there you are.” – Dorothy Parker
  1. “The overall picture, as the boys say, is of a degraded community whose idealism even is largely fake. The pretentiousness, the bogus enthusiasm, the constant drinking, the incessant squabbling over money, the all-pervasive agent, the strutting of the big shots (and their usually utter incompetence to achieve anything they start out to do), the constant fear of losing all this fairy gold and being the nothing they have never ceased to be, the snide tricks, the whole damn mess is out of this world.” – Raymond Chandler
  1. ” Strip away the phony tinsel of Hollywood and you will find the real tinsel underneath.” – Oscar Levant
  2. “Hollywood is a place where they place you under contract instead of under observation.” – Walter Winchell
  1. “Where is Hollywood located? Chiefly between the ears. In that part of the American brain lately vacated by God.” – Erica Jong
  1. “Its idea of production value is spending a million dollars dressing up a story that any good writer would throw away. Its vision of the rewarding movie is a vehicle for some glamour-puss with two expressions and eighteen changes of costume, or for some male idol of the muddled millions with a permanent hangover, six worn-out acting tricks, the build of a lifeguard, and the mentality of a chicken-strangler.” – Raymond Chandler
  1. “Some are able and humane men and some are low-grade individuals with the morals of a goat, the artistic integrity of a slot machine, and the manners of a floorwalker with delusions of grandeur.”- Raymond Chandler
  1. “That’s one thing I like about Hollywood. The writer is there revealed in his ultimate corruption. He asks no praise, because his praise comes to him in the form of a salary check. In Hollywood the average writer is not young, not honest, not brave, and a bit overdressed. But he is darn good company, which book writers as a rule are not. He is better than what he writes. Most book writers are not as good.” – Raymond Chandler
  1. “The motion picture made in Hollywood, if it is to create art at all, must do so within such strangling limitations of subject and treatment that it is a blind wonder it ever achieves any distinction beyond the purely mechanical slickness of a glass and chromium bathroom.”- Raymond Chandler
  1. “We Americans have always considered Hollywood, at best, a sinkhole of depraved venality. And, of course, it is. It is not a Protective Monastery of Aesthetic Truth. It is a place where everything is incredibly expensive.” -David Mamet
  1. “There rise her timeless capitals of empires daily born, whose plinths are laid at midnight and whose streets are packed at morn; and here come tired youths and maids that feign to love or sin in tones like rusty razor blades to tunes like smitten tin.” – Rudyard Kipling
  1. “I hate a man who always says yes to me. When I say no I like a man who also says no.” – Samuel Goldwyn
  1. “If we have to tell Hollywood good-by, it may be with one of those tender, old-fashioned, seven-second kisses exchanged between two people of the opposite sex, with all their clothes on.” – Anita Loos
  1. “The word gratitude is not part of the Hollywood dictionary.” – Harry Cohn
  1. “I don’t know how Hollywood sees me.” – Heather Locklear
  1. “I don’t think I ever understood Hollywood.” – Gloria Grahame
  1. “My faith doesn’t go over real well in Hollywood.” – Jim Caviezel
  1. “It’s hard for women at my age in Hollywood, but I’m not discouraged.” – Jane Fonda
  1. ” I have no connection with Hollywood. I’m not interested. I don’t care.”- Adam Carolla
  1. “Hollywood got its own particular environment.” – Harrison Ford

For several decades now since day one of the establishment of Hollywood, filmmaking has always been captivating the hearts of the audiences all over the globe to always look forward to something new and interesting movies to produce . Plus, it has always been applauded for having such exceptional scripts all the time and producing such mind-boggling visuals. 

It is even said that there are several filmmakers around the world who are always closely following how Hollywood movies are being produced and have always been observing what styles are being used and adopted it for also producing their own blockbuster hit movies. The said observations include how a particular scene is lit, what are the materials being used with the props, the background scores and the overall edited versions of the movie.

On the other hand, despite its success and so much appreciation from the people, there are also many claims that all the glitters don’t always refer to gold and don’t always shine in the world of  Hollywood. There are several sources online that have revealed the dirty secrets of the most famous film industry in the world. You can read the quotations from most Hollywood personalities that are listed above in order for you  to get some new insights of the movie industry.

As what people said, it shouldn’t always be the front page that you will be putting much of your time to know and discover about it,  but it should be what is behind the beautiful facade it offers for your eyes.

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