For such kids cartoons, the Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time is surprisingly giving deep moments and seriously advising real life decision making. 

Every quote in the show is often the type of tidbit that is perfectly suited for everyone, not just kids, should try to live by. Starting from internal relationship struggles to even to the point of questioning the very existence where the universe originates, Adventure Time surely touches on some pretty adult topics which may be the reason to capture the heart of the audiences of any age.

This is why Adventure Time is one of today’s most popular cartoon series. Perhaps for sure you’ve all seen just even one episode of this cartoon and it is very likely that your older brother or sister or even your parents have watched it with you.

Moreover, it has become a groundbreaking series that viewers love to watch although the main characters are just a boy and his dog. You’ll notice that there’s something very different about the show compared to the usual cartoon series you used to see.

The “Adventure Time” creator Pendleton Ward, is a big fan of the film “My neighbor Totoro” and “The Simpsons” series. That’s already clear and explained from the beautiful and fantastical landscapes of the series and from the show’s humor.  

You’ll truly love this cartoon series as it will not only provide entertainment but as well as life lessons that are very useful for our everyday lives. Here are the fifty listed quotes of Jake the Dog from the cartoon series Adventure Time.

  1. “Dude, suckin’ at something is the first step to being sorta good at something.” – Jake the Dog
  1. “To live life, you need problems. If you get what you want the minute you want it, then what’s the point of living?”- Jake the Dog
  1. ” I didn’t know it was wrong.”- Jake the Dog
  1. “You’re getting all hung up, all hung up on imaginary problems.You’ve gotta focus on what’s real, man!”- Jake the Dog
  1. Finn: “Yeah, don’t you always call sweatpants ‘give up on life pants’ Jake?”

Jake: “I do because peeps need to respect themselves when they leave the house. Even if it’s just for ice cream or TP or whatevs.”

  1. “I could probably think of a reason of why that’s villainous if you gave me enough time. Maybe….” – Jake the Dog
  1. “Running is evil.”- Jake the Dog
  1. “Your constant harassment of the female gender makes me siiick.”- Jake the Dog
  1. “It’s not easy, but you have to be persistent. You might have to defeat a demon lord, or warp through several worlds. But once you do, you walk up the wizard stairs, and produce your magic key you got in the water world and unlock the chamber door. Then, you walk right up to the princess, and give her a smooch. …Does that make sense?”- Jake the Dog
  1. “Bad biscuits make the baker broke, bro.”- Jake the Dog
  1. “I love you, Everything burrito.”- Jake the Dog
  1. “Girl, you smell good. Did you take a bath in rainbows and cupcakes?”- Jake the Dog
  1. “I’ll kill you and raise your children as my own!”- Jake the Dog
  1. “Let me explain some junk about dating. Right now you’re at tier one, which is hugging, but pretty soon you’ll be at tier two, which is smooching. Then down the road you’ll reach tier five, when she’ll let you discover all fifteen feet of her long, beautiful stomach. And after a while you’ll make it to tier eight where you touch her horn for the very first time. Very special.”- Jake the Dog
  1. “My subconscious must be hungry, huh?” – Jake the Dog
  1. “I wasn’t scared! I was singing! I was singing my scream song. Wooaah! Wooaaooh!”- Jake the Dog
  1. “I’d rather be dancin’ with some babes!”- Jake the Dog
  1. “Actually, I think I’m beating it back with sheer willpower. (grows another lump) Oh, my.”- Jake the Dog
  1. “No! Because no matter how messed up and lumpy I get, this guy never turns his back on me! (turns into Lumpy Jake) Oh yeah. Right behind ya. Just gotta turn my back on this guy.”- Jake the Dog
  1. “Sleds are for suckers! Just ride on my gut!”- Jake the Dog
  1. “Slime Princess, you shouldn’t marry Finn. He pees his pants constantly. All the time.” – Jake the Dog
  1. ” Hey! Crack open that book and read something for fun’s sake, alright?” – Jake the Dog
  1. “Seriously, Stanley… For a watermelon, you get into trouble way more often than you should.”- Jake the Dog
  1. “(Imitating Princess Bubblegum) Hey, shorty. You should pick your boogers and then fart! (Imitating Ricardio) You look kinda like a big pink baguette!” – Jake the Dog
  1. “I keep finding baby shoes. What the heck, man? And they’re all lefties!” – Jake the Dog
  1. “You know what they remind me of? Well-dressed pickles.” – Jake the Dog
  1. “(imitating the Ice King) I’m the Ice King, and I’ll never find a bride because I’m such a tool!” – Jake the Dog
  1. “He still cries when he poops. Thanks for being cool, guys.” – Jake the Dog
  1. “This dolphin fell in love with me!” – Jake the Dog
  1. “Finn, House-hunting is wiiiild! You’ve got to try it.” – Jake the Dog
  1. “Hey, hey. Come on, the ocean is your friend, and you got friends all around you right now. Miles and miles of friends.” – Jake the Dog
  1. “And also swear to only speak in rhymes. Speak in rhymes all the times!” – Jake the Dog
  1. ” Eh. Um. Uh. I choose… sandwich.” – Jake the Dog
  1. “Just hop on my powdered doughnut, boy!” – Jake the Dog
  1. “Nah, we’re more like cops. Crooked cops!”- Jake the Dog
  1. “Heh heh. I can’t take you seriously when you’re singing, man.” – Jake the Dog
  1. “Safety! Patrol! Safety patrol! Safety… Oh, were we not wearing the uniforms?” – Jake the Dog 
  1. “Don’t you worry, Finn. I’ll get you out of there. I’ve got a perfect plan! (Marceline sees him & hisses at him, scaring him off) I’m not running away, Finn! This is just part of my plan!” – Jake the Dog 
  1. “The bazooka goblin has you in its sights!”- Jake the Dog 
  1. “Dang girl, if you weren’t a figment of my imagination, I’d wanna to have your baby…”- Jake the Dog
  1. “Oh man, I imagined my mom naked! Yuck!” – Jake the Dog
  1. “Dude, be calmed by my saliva.” – Jake the Dog
  1. “Forget it, man. This horse is whack. It’s got poobrain.”- Jake the Dog
  1. “Did you find out that I sleep in the nude? It’s none of your business how nude I sleep, Ice King! None of your business!” – Jake the Dog
  1. “You don’t just read the poetry to understand it, you got to feel it.” -Jake the Dog
  1. “Bad computer! No! No! Go sit in the corner, and think about your life.” – Jake the Dog
  1. “Must… find… Finn! Must… must… (voice gets slightly deeper) party foreverrrrrrr!” – Jake the Dog
  1. ” If I had a penny for every time someone went crazy, hopped up and magic energy… I’d be Abraham Lincoln.” – Jake the Dog
  1. “Gee! Sittin’ in this hot sun guarding beans. Boy, it sure beats 26 miles of vanilla ice cream, or caramel ice cream, or peach ice cream.” – Jake the Dog
  1. ” It’s probably a computal gleetch.”- Jake the Dog

When the show started to pair together Finn the Human and his dog named Jake or more likely popular as Jake the Dog, it is being said that it’s the milestone of success for Adventure Time. While Finn loves so much doing numerous adventures and fighting, Jake the Dog loves to hang out and loves eating.

Besides, Jake the Dog becomes so popular not just because of the fun it always brings but as well as with so many life lessons that are being quoted whenever the dog talks in the cartoon series. You’ll notice for sure whenever you’re watching that it’s truly inspiring and worth spending time for binge-watching. Plus , there are certain topics they’re discussing which you can learn a lot from. Although it may sound like an exaggeration since it’s a cartoon kids series, if you put some of your time watching even one episode you’ll be able to understand the point. 

Adventure Time seems to work out perfectly and everyone is getting home happily ever after, with only Jake remembering all the crazy stuff that just went down. He always makes sure that he’s doing something valuable , something funny or something worth to take note of.

People’s most  favorite magical dog of all times that has stretchy powers, Jake the Dog will always be that funny and full of so many words of wisdom. Perhaps, these are the reasons why he is Finn the Human’s right hand man. To look back at some of his best moments, just read these fifty quoted words from Jake the Dog himself.

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