Minnie Mouse was first released on November 18, 1928, and is said to be inspired by the flapper girls of the 1920s. She is an animated mouse character who is well-known as the long time girlfriend of Mickey Mouse.

Moreover, she’s always being identified because of her sweet disposition and having such cartoonishly large head bows and with the polka-dotted dress as her outfit.

Traditionally, she was described as a starving singer, songwriter, and musician in one character. Briefly films, she usually portrayed as a damsel-in-distress that was being kidnapped by Peg-Leg Pete, a British, and wanted to be rescued by his boyfriend, Mickey.

However, Minnie’s popularity began to slowly fade out in the year of 1940s, in which it is being relegated to bit parts in cartoons starring her kitten Figaro and Mickey’s dog Pluto. And then eventually faded for 30 years, beginning from the 1950s.

But when the year 1988 arrived, Minnie was being revitalized once again with the premiere television special named Totally Minnie , which became his first ever starring role. Since then, Minnie has maintained her popularity together with other Disney Company’s hottest and most significant characters.

Throughout her existence in the Disney world, she’s always been that sweet, caring and filled with so much love even to those people she first met or came across with. This is why most young girls love watching her.

To take a look back at how she was able to portray her very sweet and gentle character, here are fifty listed quotes from her.

  1. Minnie Mouse: What a fantastic café! I can’t help but see all the fashionable touches you’ve put on the place. Just being here puts me in such a wonderful, happy mood!
  1. “Do you have a moment? Your café is even more magnificent today — if that’s even possible! You have all of my favorite things here. I get excited every time I visit! Tee-hee! We must like a lot of the same things, huh? That reminds me — I have a present for you. Thanks for bringing so much joy to all of our lives with your beautiful café. Here you go! And keep up the great work!” – Minnie Mouse
  1. Minnie Mouse: Now what do I do? I told Mickey I’d make him some homemade candy, and I thought I had everything I needed for the recipe. But it turns out I don’t have enough of one of the ingredients. And Mickey was really looking forward to them, too…
  1. Minnie Mouse: You’ll bring me the last ingredient I need? Goodness, [Player]! You’re about the sweetest person I know! If you insist…yes, please! And thank you! Mickey’s waiting, so please try to find it as quickly as you can. I’ll be right here! Thank you again!
  1. Minnie Mouse: I hope you find that ingredient before too long. Thanks in advance!
  1. Minnie Mouse: Oh, [Player]! You’ve brought me the last ingredient I needed for those candies! Yes, that’s it, all right. Thank you so much! I’d better get right down to work then. Tee-hee! I can just picture Mickey’s face once he takes that first bite!
  1. ​Minnie Mouse:  What to do, what to do… Can I ask you something, [Player]? You see, I’m looking for something… something you can only find if you go fishing. It seems you might be able to get it from Pouched Pearlfish. You can catch them in the fishing hole. That’s the idea, anyway… I’ve been trying and trying, but they just don’t seem to be biting.
  1. Minnie Mouse: ​You’ll catch one for me? Oh, thank you so much! You’re the greatest! A master angler like you should have no problem at all. Good luck! I’ll be waiting!
  1. Minnie Mouse: Oh, I thought you might have caught that fish for me. My mistake! Sorry about that!
  1. Minnie Mouse: ​Could it be…? Oh, how wonderful! You really did catch it for me! And just look at how pretty it is, too. I’m just thrilled! You can be sure I’ll treasure it always! Thank you so much, [Player]!
  1. Minnie Mouse: Hi, [Player]! You know, I just love clothes with polka-dot patterns. I bet they would look so beautiful on you, too! Say, how about you put some on and model them for me? C’mon, you know I have an eye for fashion! What do you say?
  1. Minnie Mouse: Tee-hee! That’s great! Go dress yourself head to toe in polka dots, then come back and see me! Oh, I just know you’ll look like an absolute dream!
  1. Minnie Mouse: Hello, [Player]! You’re going to model some polka-dot clothes for me, right? I can’t wait to see that!
  1. Minnie Mouse: Wow, [Player]! You look gorgeous! Even better than I expected! Why, I just couldn’t be happier to see you like this. Thank you so much! Oops — I almost forgot! Let’s take a picture together! We need to commemorate our friendship becoming even closer than it was before!
  1. Minnie Mouse: Guess what, guess what? McDuck’s is selling some very rare merchandise! We have to check it out!
  1. “Life is too short to wear boring clothes.” — Minnie Mouse
  1. “You be the Mickey, and I’ll be your Minnie.” — Minnie Mouse
  1. “Life needs a few more polka dots.” — Minnie Mouse
  1. “Minnie Mouse is my style icon.” — Minnie Mouse
  1. “If I lived here, I’d be home already.”— Minnie Mouse
  1. “All you need is faith, trust, and pixie dust… plus a pair of Minnie ears.” — Minnie Mouse!
  1. Minnie Mouse: Spring has sprung! It really feels like spring now that Easter’s on its way.
  1. Minnie Mouse: What’s your favorite outfit? Everyone here has his or her own tastes when it comes to fashion. Wear someone’s favorite outfit and they’ll shower you with compliments!
  1. Minnie Mouse: You can do it! What one thing are you most crazy about right now? Whatever it is, I’ll support you all the way!
  1. Minnie Mouse: You know what? I have such a sweet tooth! What about you? Maybe we’re sweet tooth twins!
  1. Minnie Mouse: Greetings! I’m glad I ran into you today. I hope you have a simply marvelous day!
  1. Minnie Mouse: I heard the news! So there’s some really popular dishes at the café now, huh? I’m sure everyone will be heading over there right away!
  1. Minnie Mouse: I know you can do it! Have you decided on the café menu yet? Don’t forget to put some sweets on there for me, okay? Tee-hee!
  1. Minnie Mouse: I love spring! After all, spring is when so many lovely flowers are in bloom!
  1. Minnie Mouse: Do you know what I just did? I was just picking flowers from the flower garden. You should pick some, too!
  1. Minnie Mouse: You’re here! Oh, I’m so happy can could join us! My name’s Minnie Mouse. And you must be… you!
  1. Minnie Mouse: This is Castleton! Folks who believe in their dreams come here from all over. Enjoy your stay!
  1. Minnie Mouse: Tee hee! What do you think? Isn’t it darling?
  1. Minnie Mouse: Ooh, try it on! I want to see how it looks!
  1. Minnie Mouse: It’s just perfect! Say, [Player], why dontcha take a stroll around town and get a feel for the place? You might run into the rest of the gang here, too. Make sure you say hi!
  1. Minnie Mouse: Oh, how wonderful! That outfit is so amazing! No wonder I’m always so excited to see what you’re wearing!
  1. Minnie Mouse: I love it! That’s a great outfit you have on today! I like how everything goes so well together.
  1. Minnie Mouse: Ooh, I love your outfit! Your style — it’s just so amazing! Why, I’d give your fashion sense a 10/10!
  1. Minnie Mouse: My goodness, how stylish! Today’s outfit really looks good on you! All those matching pieces give the whole thing such a lovely touch.
  1. Minnie Mouse: Say, [Player]! Let’s take a picture together! C’mon, strike a pose!
  1. Minnie Mouse: Here we go! Hmm, which one? You’d like that one? Oh, my! What lovely flowers!
  1. Minnie Mouse: I found some darling flowers myself! Today was so much fun! Thanks for joining me, [Player]!
  1. Minnie Mouse: Can I ask you a favor? Once you put on a new outfit, come model it for me, OK? I like coming up with my own ensembles, of course, but seeing what my friends wear is a lot of fun, too!
  1. Minnie Mouse: Dressing up is fun! Everyone in Castleton is wild about fashion. If you wear a full matching outfit, I’m sure you’ll get some “Nice!” comments!
  1. Minnie Mouse: Happy New Year! I hope this year is your best one yet! Here’s to another year as friends, [Player]!
  1. Minnie Mouse: Hello there, [Player]! Whenever I see you, you have a big smile on your face. It’s quite contagious!
  1. “Some people were just born with Disney in their veins. “— Minnie Mouse
  1. Minnie Mouse: Holiday goodies… I think I’ll bake up a batch of gingerbread cookies! Those cute little doll shapes are so much fun to decorate!.
  1. “There’s nothing Minnie about my love for Disney. ” — Minnie Mouse
  1. “If it’s got a bow on it, I’m sold!’ — Minnie Mouse

Minnie was typically being partnered with Daisy Duck, her best friend, and made several headlines by her own cartoons. That includes the Mickey Mouse Works, Minnie’s Bow-Toons and Electric Holiday.  Moreover, Paul Rudish has been soughting to develop Minnie’s portrayal into comedy while still maintaining her very endearing endeavor. In some series, Minnie was able to show her impulsive and spunk side.

Last 2018, Minnie was being recognized because of her big contributions in the world of animation with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And just recently, she also appeared as a fashion icon appearing in the events such as  New York Fashion Week and the Fashion Awards in Los Angeles. Plus, her affinity for polka dots inspires the production of  figurehead of the Rock the Dots apparel and even during the merchandise promotions.

As what is being said, Minnie is always recognized because of her classy, cheerful and femininity. A cartoon character that is always filled with so much love and affection, being sweet to everyone that she comes across with, and can always see the beauty of most things no matter what it is. That’s why as you have noticed in the animated film, she was sometimes being exploited by the other characters. But still Minnie remains her good-natured spirit and always strives how she can be able to provide happiness to others everyday.

These are the main reasons why watching this animated character is always nice. Seeing to always act kindness towards others and lend a hand whenever someone is in need.

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