New Girl is one of the popular American television sitcoms that was created by Elizabeth Meriwether. It was originally aired between 2011 and 2018 and was produced for the Fox Broadcasting Company. It is a combination of both drama and comedy and revolves around the life of the characters who are dealing with the mature relationship they have and a career choice of path.

Inside the story, Jess is just very lucky to find friends who are willing to sing along with dirty dancing with her. Nick is the perfect representative of just chilling and has a laziest lifestyle. There’s Schmidt who is doing the adulting stuff the best.

When it comes to the relationship and moments together of besties Nick and Schmidt  perhaps remind everyone that college friends are always a forever thing to be cherished and that they would always literally be your best partner in crime. For the relationship of roommates, those people seem to remind everyone of the things and daily activities they probably miss the most whenever they go home for a break.

Although it may seems that New Girl sounds a lot of fun and chill life being portrayed by the characters, there’s actually so many life lessons inside that will definitely let you realize how things are being it was, why people are acting the way present themselves, how self-love is very important, and how relationship with your colleagues or friends always matter most.

So to quickly look back some of the scenes of the movie, here are fifty listed quotes all the way from New Girl.

  1. Schmidt happens.” — Schmidt
  1.  “I’m using my bride card!” — Cece
  1.  “Can we just take a minute to celebrate me?” — Schmidt
  1. “So many emotions.” — Nick
  1. “I’m totaling my assets. It’s really bleak.” — Jess
  1. “Who’s that girl? It’s Jess.” — Jess
  1. “I got mozzarella sticks for fingers.” — Nick
  1.  “Every moment you’re on this Earth is a moment I know where you are.” — Nick
  1. “It is my Secret Santa alias.” — Winston
  1.  “Friend face.” — Winston
  1.  “It’s perfectly fine to watch TV all day.” — Nick
  1. “If I were off my rocker, would I take a weekly selfie with my cat?” — Winston
  1. “I can’t find my driving moccasins anywhere.” — Schmidt
  1. “Believe it or not, that’s not the first time someone’s broken my feeling stick. I have a travel size.” — Jess
  1.  “Put on some pants, or at least some really high socks.” — Jess
  1. “You like me? You like my personality?” — Schmidt
  1. “I just wanted to listen to Taylor Swift alone!” — Jess
  1. “That’s like the president and the vice president not being best friends.” — Winston
  1.  “I’ll take the strongest drink you have, and also a wine spritzer on the side in case I don’t like it.” — Jess
  1.  “You have the right…to remain hugged.” — Coach
  1.  “If you are for one second suggesting that I don’t know how to open a musical, how dare you!” — Schmidt
  1. “I was sabotaged by my baby box.” — Jess
  1. “We are literally the most embarrassing people on the planet.” — Jess
  1. It’s a weird life, but it’s where I’m at right now.” — Nick
  1.  “You gave me a cookie, I gave you a cookie.” — Nick
  1.  “You’re my mama bear, girl.” — Jess
  1.  “Go put a dollar in the jar right now.” — Coach
  1. “This is my jam.” — Coach
  1. “Saturday is a day for sleeping, and damn it, you will not take that away from me!” — Winston
  1.  “Are we eating or are we not eating?” — Winston
  1.  “Jealous because I’m the True American.” — Coach
  1. “Eating cookies and avoiding confrontation.” — Jess
  1. “Because it’s a great story, and I’m a teller of stories.” — Nick
  1. “Yeah, I’d trust Beyoncé with my life.” — Nick
  1.  “I like being weird.” — Jess
  1. This is the worst thing to ever happen to me. I’ve lived a very fortunate life!” — Jess
  1.  “No, I’m not watching Dirty Dancing.” — Jess
  1.  “I don’t like it. It’s too much responsibility.” — Nick
  1. “The economy stinks, bees are dying, and movies are pretty much all sequels now.” — Schmidt
  1. ” So when I do the chicken dance, I do it a little differently. Instead of doing claps, I like to do a peck. It’s more realistic.” – Jess
  1. “I dont want to kiss and tell, but I ruined my dresser duirrinh intercourse. Will you give to lkea with me.” – Jess
  1. “I like getting older . I feel like I’m finally aging into my personality.” – Nick
  1. “Shall I compare thee to summer’s day? No, a summer’s day is not a bitch.” – Nick
  1. ” I’ve made out with half of the guys in this room.” – CeCe
  1. “Watch your front, because we’ve got your back.”- CeCe
  1. “You’re drinking on a Tuesday and you are a Teacher.” – CeCe
  1. “Your assess belong to me now.” – Coach
  1. ” I want to choke you until your eyes literally pop out from your head.” – Coach
  1. ” I used to just think of I was proposed to I would notice it was happening.” – Cece
  1. ” I hope you like feminist rants because that’s kind of my thing.” – Jess

New Girl was produced in Los Angeles that has a genre of a single-camera comedy which aimed at a general audience. According to Meriwether, who is the creator of this American TV series, most of the episodes revolve around the character of Jess who played a side character on the other shows. The first ever marketing push of the tv series was on Zooey Deschanel with the promotional tagline of just “Simply Adorkable”. The producers of New Girl had rejected the earlier criticism about girlishness of Jess, and insisted that she shouldn’t be meant as an emblem of all women. But instead the goal is to portray realistic and emotionally driven characters and for the show to be approached from that angle of the story rather than as simple as firing off punchlines.

Furthermore, New Girl had received so much favorable responses from critics and was named and recognized as one of the best new comedies of the 2011 fall season. Plus, the show has also been nominated for some prominent awards, and that include five Golden Globe Awards and five Primetime Emmy Awards.

Indeed, the story has countless life lessons on it that mostly focus on relationships and in general, how you can be able to accept yourself and other people as well. Understanding that each and everyone has been through some things that made them for who they are in the present.

It’s always a great thing to look back how the story works,  so to add that little nostalgic feeling you have just read above the listed quotes from the characters of New Girl.

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