Quotes about Democracy

An arrangement of government where the supreme power is under the hands of their citizens. They have the ability to appoint a person to gain control of the country.

Compiled here are some of the wisest quotes and sayings pertaining to what democracy really is.

People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.

Alan Moore from V for Vendetta

The society has the power to overthrow the way the government is handling the country’s situation. 

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

Winston S. Churchill

 If you want to know what a real democratic government is, ask the people who are in the middle class for they are the ones who are more affected.

If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.

Mark Twain

This is a reminder that every vote counts and that it is a privilege to have the ability to vote and make a difference. 

Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.

H.L. Mencken

Regular individuals have the right to know what they want in a government and they also have the right to get the correct service.

Every election is determined by the people who show up.

Larry J. Sabato

If you want great change, you have to practice your right to vote and make an impact.

It’s not the voting that’s democracy, it’s the counting.

Tom Stoppard

 Some people of great power have the ability to change the amount of votes that will be more beneficial to them in order to gain control of the country.

Democracy is worth dying for, because it’s the most deeply honourable form of government ever devised by man.

Ronald Reagan

With right regulations, democratic management is the most equal form of governing for it gives every individual the right to choose whomever they see fit.

Our democracy is threatened whenever we take it for granted.

Barack Obama

With great power comes great responsibility, a reference to a Spiderman movie, if we don’t appreciate a democratic freedom then our government will be in great threat.

Democracy is always an unfinished experiment, testing the capacity of each generation to live freedom nobly.

George Weigel

Every time a new set of government is being elected it is a test of power if the current generation can handle the freedom to live nobly.

Democracy is the name we give the people whenever we need them.

Gaston Arman de Caillavet

A call for action in power is called democracy and is sometimes only fitted to people if they need help.

The function of democratic living is not to lower standards but to raise those that have been too low.

Eleanor Roosevelt

 Giving the society a right to vote is by helping them see what needed to be seen.

No country has the right to dictate to others how they should be governed; but we all have good reason to speak up on behalf of democratic values.

Madeleine K. Albright

Every individual is entitled to their own form of opinion, they have the ability to choose whomever they want to elect.

Peacefully protest justice, transformational change, and human rights are the heartbeat of democracy.

Amit Ray

All of these factors are the core actions and values in a country with a democratic governance.

The basic principal of this government is the will of the people.

Robert Marion La Follette

The will of the people is one of the basic principles of a democratic country.

Not just elections, public discussion and individual protest are also essential in a democracy.

Sireesh Kondra

There are many factors consisting in a democratic country and these are some of them.

The democracy of a country is determined by how free the press is in that country.

Syed Badiuzzaman

For some governments, they have the control of the media to favor the articles on their side, but a fair and equal type of governance will not let this happen.

We don’t vote to make someone’s life better, we vote to make our country better.

Ephantus Mwenda

Having the privilege to vote is not just for the good of the individual but also for the benefit of the country. 

One politician cannot make a government. He needs accomplices.

Ljupka Cvetanova

No man is an island they say, that also applies to politics.

The strength of a democracy is not how well we agree but how well we disagree.

Mike Myers

Having control on arguing to another individual could sometimes be pointless, for they don’t have the same perspective as you, and just agree to disagree.

A true leader will make sacrifices and enhance conditions for the well-being of their followers.

Saaif Alam

A great democratic leader will make an effort to better the situation of their country’s situation.

You want to know how to preserve democracy? We must listen and understand each other, respect, and have empathy for one another.

George Stamatis

Having a democratic government is a team effort to maintain its peace and order. 

Democracy is only as moral and just as those in power, and only as wise as the citizen who elect them.

Bill Madden

Your choices will mirror your character especially when selecting a leader to take control of the country.

The most important tasks of a democracy are done by everyone.

Oscar Auliq-Ice

Democracy will be an effective way of governing when all the members of society will contribute a great amount of effort.

Democracy is not merely a form of government. It is essentially an attitude of respect and reverence towards fellowmen.

B.R. Ambedkar

It is not just a form of government but it is also a characteristic that is coming from the individuals of the nation.

Democracy is not just a system, it is an idea that we all have value.

Amit Kalantri

 It is not just a way of managing a nation but it is a character that every individual has to give importance to.

Exercising your right to vote is a privilege and a power. We all have our own form of opinions and disagreements on this area but we have the same goal, live in a community where no individual will suffer and that everyone is equal. 

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