Definitely, you didn’t get over to the era of the ’90s  if you didn’t watch Space Jam a minimum of five times each day.

Space the Jam was recognized as one of the best sport movies of all time as well as being an absolute disaster. Many people may have thought that the film Avengers: Infinity War is the biggest crossover in history , but for those who have lived during the time of Space Jam may have argued that it walked so it could fly.  It doesn’t get far better than a movie with Michael Jordan, Bill Murray, and your favourite Looney Tunes characters. Michael’s assets as a famous basketball star is one of the great influences of the movie’s success. Aside from this fact, he is also a great-looking guy and with having such great supporting role actors and good directors that are all working together made the entire production successful.

Moreover, it also manages to offer jokes and action that will surely look appealing not just to adults but as well as to most children. If you’re going to compare the most recent Space Jam disney animated features, you’re still seeing yourself to look back at the 90’s production of the said sport movies.

Plus, having a sequel within the works with LeBron James, there is no better time than to revisit this ’90s classic. So here are the fifty listed quotes from the sport movies itself to make you feel nostalgic for the best well-known era of all time.

  1. Stan Podolak: C’mon Michael it’s Game Time. Get your Hanes on, lace up your Nike’s, grab your Weaties and your Gatorade, and we’ll pick up a Big Mac on the way to the ballpark.
  1. Daffy Duck: But mommy, I don’t want to go to school today. I want to stay home and bake cookies with you!
  1. Daffy Duck: I tell ya, Bugs, we gotta get new agents…we’re gettin’ screwed.
  1. Bugs Bunny: Look at our facilities!

Daffy Duck: [Daffy hanging on an old basketball hoop] We’ve got hoops! [The hoop bracket breaks and Daffy falls]

Elmer Fudd: [Taz is holding bar with disc weights] We’ve got weights! [One of the weights fall off and flings Taz]

Sylvester: We’ve got balls! [Opens cabinet,…sports balls come tumbling out knocking over Sylvester]

  1. Daffy Duck: It’s gutcheck time!
  1. Daffy Duck: This will look good.
  1. Too bad you can’t practice getting taller, boys.” -Daffy Duck
  1. “It’s a crying shame. We gotta get new agents, we’re gettin’ screwed!” -Daffy Duck
  1. “Don’t ever call me doll.” -Lola Bunny
  1. “Ooh, I tawt I taw—I did, I did see Michael Jordan!” -Tweety Bird
  1. “Thanks guys, you got a lot of… a lot of… well, whatever it is, you got a lot of it.” -Michael Jordan
  1. C’mon, Michael! It’s game time! Get your Hanes on, lace up your Nikes, grab your Wheaties and your Gatorade, and we’ll pick up a Big Mac on the way to the ballpark.” -Stan Podalak
  1. “Don’t lose that confidence, okay, paws and wings in here, all right!” -Bill Murray
  1. “Alright, the party’s over! Get in the spaceship!” -Mr. Swackhammer
  1. “Oh, fear clutches my breast!” -Daffy Duck
  1. “You ever heard of the Dream Team? Well, we’re the Mean Team, wussy man.” -Nerdluck Pound
  1. “Don’t ever trust an Earthling!” -Bill Murray
  1. “So, what do you say we go for a little spin? Let’s see what we got inside here.” -Daffy Duck
  1. “Please! What kind of Mickey Mouse organization would name their team The Ducks?” -Bugs Bunny
  1. “Those Monstars’d wished they’d been never born!” -Tweety Bird
  1. Stan Podalak: (after all of his attempts to dig to find Michael have failed) This is it! THIS IS IT! I don’t know where you are, Michael! But wherever you are, you obviously enjoy bein’ there more than spendin’ time with me!
  1. Mouse announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the starting lineup for the Toon Squad: Standing two foot four, The Wonder from Down Under: The Tasmanian Devil!
  1. Mouse announcer: At small forward: standing a scintillating three foot two, The Heartthrob of the Hoops: Lola Bunny!
  1. Mouse announcer: At power forward, The Quackster of the Court: Daffy Duck!

Daffy Duck: Thank you! Thank you!

  1. Daffy Duck: (disappointed, but sarcastically) Very funny. Leth’s all laugh at the duck!
  1. Mouse announcer: And the point guard, standing three foot three, four feet if you include the ears, Co-captain of the toon squad, the Doctor of Delight: Bugs Bunny!
  1. Bugs: Thank you! Thank you!
  1. Mouse announcer: And now, the player coach of the Toon Squad, at six foot six from North Carolina, his Royal Airness: Michael Jordan!
  1. Daffy Duck: We’ve got to get a new agent. We’re getting screwed!
  1. Bill Murray: Okay, here’s how I see it. Daff?

Daffy Duck: Yes.

  1. Bill Murray: You dish it off to the girl bunny.

Michael Jordan: Bill…

Bill Murray: Then you dish it off to the guy bunny.

Michael Jordan: Bill…

Bill Murray: Then it goes to the big man. You go to the hole and dominate!

Michael Jordan: Bill! We’re on defense!

Bill Murray: Whoa hoa hoa! I don’t play defense.

  1. Muggsy Bogues: What are you saying? That I’m trying to disobey my mama?

Psychiatrist: I didn’t say that. You did, Muggsy.

Muggsy Bogues: But I love my mama.

  1. Nerdluck Pound: You ever heard of the Dream Team? Well, we’re the Mean Team, wussy man.
  1. Foghorn Leghorn: Did you order the Original Recipe or Extra Crispy?
  1. Woman Fan: This guy next to me is doing something very weird in his raincoat.
  1. Bill Murray: It’s ’cause I’m white, isn’t it?

Michael Jordan: No. Larry’s white, so what?

Bill Murray: Larry’s not white. Larry’s clear.

  1. Michael Jordan: What’s going on here?

Bugs: Why Michael! I thought you’d never ask! You see these aliens come from outer space and they wanna make us slaves for their theme park. Eh, what do we care? They’re little, so we challenge them to a basketball game! But then they show up and they ain’t so little,

Bugs: they’re huge! We need to beat these guys, ’cause they’re talking about slavery! The same jokes every night for all etoinity! We’re going to be locked up like wild animals and then trotted out to peform for a bunch of lowbrow, bug-eyed, bad-headed, humor-challenged *aliens!* Eh, what I’m trying to say is…

Bugs: we need your heeeeeeeelllp!

Michael Jordan: Yeah, but I’m a baseball player now!

Bugs: Right.

Bugs: And I’m a Shakespearean actor.

  1. Golfer: What are you doing?

Stan Podalak: I’m uh, I’m fixing a divot.

Golfer: Oh.

[shouting back to someone off camera]

Golfer: He’s fixing a divot!

  1. Charles Barkley: It was this girl, five-feet-nuthin’. Blocked my shot!

Psychiatrist: When did you first start having this dream?

Charles Barkley: It wasn’t a dream, it really happened!

  1. Daffy: Just how did you get here, anyway?

Bill Murray: Producer’s a friend of mine. He sent a Teamster to drop me off.

Daffy: Aha. Well, that’s the way it goes.

  1. Michael Jordan: Whatever you do, don’t forget my North Carolina shorts.

Daffy Duck: Your shorts? From college?

Michael Jordan: I wore them under my Chicago Bulls uniform every game.

Looney Tunes: Eeewwww!

Michael Jordan: Hey! I washed them after every game!

Sylvester: Sure…

Michael Jordan: I did!

  1. Taz: Lemony fresh!
  1. Foghorn Leghorn: Did you order the Original Recipe or Extra Crispy?
  1. Monstar Bupkus: That’s mine!

Bugs: [stealing the ball] Not today.

  1. Shawn Bradley: I’ve got other skills. I could go back and work on the farm. Or maybe… I could go back to the jungle and be a missionary again.
  1. Charles Barkley: I promise I’ll never swear again. I’ll never get another technical. I’ll never trash talk…


Charles Barkley: I won’t go out with Madonna again.

  1. Stan Podalak: Let me help! Let me help! I can help! I can help!

Michael Jordan: What can you do?

Stan Podalak: Well, I may not be very tall, but… I’m slow.

Sylvester: And large.

Daffy Duck: And a dork.

  1. Tweety Bird: Feed me! Feed me!

Sylvester: Feed you? Feed me!

  1. Sylvester: Suffering succotash!

Sylvester: What’s wrong with you?

Sylvester: Let’s get a ladder… wait till the old lady’s gone… and grab that little bird!

  1. Bill Murray: Larry, I’m gonna give us both twos back there. We weren’t in any emotional state to putt.

The sports movie entitled “Space Jam” may be a happy marriage of excellent ideas–three films for the worth of one, that is giving us a vibe of comic book treatment of the career adventures of Michael Jordan, crossed with your favorite Looney Tunes cartoon and a few showbiz warfare. 

The Space Jam is truly captivating and provides entertainment to kids at one level while also giving their parents an enjoyment  and tons of smiles as well. It’s ingenious thanks to use, and kid, Jordan’s image while at an equivalent time updating Bugs Bunny & Company to doing battle within the multimillion-dollar animation sweepstakes.

The content of the story starts with young Michael Jordan who was shooting baskets together with his father in the backyard of their home and dreaming of having his path to happiness: North Carolina . . . the NBA . . . and eventually the last word goal, pro baseball. Thereafter, the movie flashed forward to very funny  sequences showing Jordan’s life within the midst of his baseball career.

Afterwards, the sports movie continues with how Michael and Billie Murray  were teamed up in order to defeat  Looney Tunes cartoon as their opponent.

The whole movie itself became remarkable during its production and most fans will surely love to look back to the good olden days. Since several decades have gone by, it’s the feeling of nostalgia that will let the fans reminisce all the laughter and good memories they have together with the movie. 

So if you want to have that old but same vibes you’ve always got whenever watching Space Jam, reading the quotes listed above may bring you to turn back to the 90’s.

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